Why Family Involvement is Important if Your Child is Going to a Treatment Center

There comes a point in the life of some families where it is determined that the child or teen needs assistance and support that the family is not able to provide on their own. The youth may have gotten involved in trouble in school or have behavioral, emotional or psychological issues that require the assistance…

Posted on: March 19th 8:45 pm

How To Handle a Teen Who Does Not Follow Instructions

One of the most difficult periods of raising a child for most parents is the teenage years. This can a very trying time that involves struggles and ongoing issues about behaviors that are not acceptable to the parents. One of the most common complaints is the teenager that does not follow instructions. Either the teen…

Posted on: March 19th 8:44 pm

Finance Your Troubled Teen Going to a Treatment Center

While the goal of parenting is to raise a happy and healthy child and help him/her reach adulthood as part of the family, there are times that a family, for many different reasons, is unable to continue taking care of the child on their own. The child may have behavioral or mental health issues that…

Posted on: March 19th 8:44 pm

Options for Dealing with Difficult Teenagers

1) Put up with difficult teenagers. Probably the most common option and the least effective: don’t do anything. If you just let your teenager ‘rule the roost’ then you will not see any changes in their behavior or attitude. Although this is the easiest route to take in a sense becuase it takes no effort…

Posted on: March 19th 8:44 pm

Guidelines for Choosing a Treatment Program for a Teen with ADD or ADHD

Many adolescents who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) experience a number of behavioral and academic problems that can limit their success in interpersonal relationships, school, and individual achievement.These adolescents may lack self-control, have greater difficulty making friends and finding acceptance, be more likely to abuse substances,…

Posted on: March 19th 8:43 pm

10 Things to do When Choosing a Troubled Teen Boarding School

1) Ask about the boarding school’s success rates. A quality program should have a systematic way of measuring success and should be able to provide information to interested parents about that success. If a school is reluctant about telling you their success rates or can only provide anecdotal evidence of program effectiveness, this is a…

Posted on: March 19th 8:43 pm

Is it Time to Send My Troubled Teen to a Boarding School?

Parents often struggle with knowing when it’s time to consider an out-of-home placement for a defiant teenager. This decision may seem complex at first, but is actually quite simple. The following guidelines will help you to make an informed decision. 1) Determine whether a change in the environment is needed. Youth tend to create an…

Posted on: March 19th 8:42 pm

Ten Tips for Parenting Difficult Teenagers

Are you raising one or more of the estimated 33 million teenagers in the United States? If so, you might be riding an emotional rollercoaster—you and your teen. Have patience and perspective, and keep in mind most teenagers turn out fine. In the meantime, here are 10 tips to help struggling teenagers overcome their difficulties….

Posted on: March 19th 8:42 pm

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