Options for Dealing with Difficult Teenagers

1) Put up with difficult teenagers. Probably the most common option and the least effective: don’t do anything. If you just let your teenager ‘rule the roost’ then you will not see any changes in their behavior or attitude. Although this is the easiest route to take in a sense becuase it takes no effort on your part it will not lead to any solution. Try to avoid this option if possible.

2) Send your teen to a specialty boarding school. This option is worth looking into. If your teen is beyond the normal ‘teen rebel’ then this option may be necessary. The first step would be to look into different programs, finding their strengths, and learning which one would be best for your specific son or daughter. Find a free service such as Teen Revitalization to help you get information on different programs and schools. After you have been properly informed and are familiar with the industry you can make the best decision for your teen.

3) Seek guidance from a family counselor. Find a good family counselor. Get referrals from friends or family and visit one that offers a free consultation. This tends to be a very tricky option as most who use services of a counselor will either love the results or hate them. Make sure you find one that will work best for you and your teen. Try to involve all family members that your teen has issues with whether it is you, your spouse, or siblings.

4) Learn postivie parenting techniques and implement them with your teen. Although most of the problem may be with your teen sometimes parents need a little extra help to learn how to cope with their difficult teen as well. Many parents will not admit that they are doing anything wrong when in reality all parents have some room for improvement. Learning positive parenting techniques can results in dramatic changes in the home atmosphere and with your teen.

5) Send your teen to a wilderness program. This option is becoming more shunned upon as time goes on. ‘Punishing’ your child may not necessarily help them to be a better person and love you more. Although in certain situations this option may be relevant when you have a teen who is out of control and is on the verge of having some dramatic behaviors such as hospitilization or going to prison.

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