Anger Management: Dealing With Your Angry Teen

It’s hard to imagine that your little ray of sunshine has somehow turned into a sullen, moody teenager. As a parent, you become hard put to discipline and manage your child when you are met with a wall of annoyance, antagonism or resentment. The teen’s struggle to transition from childhood into adulthood can seem overwhelming….

Posted on: April 15th 3:15 pm

Substance Abuse: Spotting Red Flags

It is basically every parent’s fear – being the last to know, and finding out only too late. Indeed, with parents also busy with providing for the family and building a home, and with teenagers becoming more and more independent, it is a challenge for parents to keep track of their children and spot potential…

Posted on: March 31st 7:17 am

Relapse Triggers for Teens in Early Recovery

Yes! That teen wilderness program did wonders for your child. He has literally gone out of the woods with his drug or substance abuse problem. But parents, be warned. Your struggle does not end after your child’s teen summer camp ends. There is a very real possibility of a relapse. It is an addiction, after…

Posted on: March 16th 2:00 pm

Troubled Teen Programs to Choose From

The tumultuous teenage years need plenty of love and patience, as well as a firm yet gentle hand that can lead a troubled teen towards the road to maturity and independence. Often, for more at-risk teens therapeutic intervention may be necessary by way of a troubled teen program. Fortunately, parents now have a wide range…

Posted on: March 2nd 12:25 pm

How Wilderness Programs Help Troubled Teens

As a parent of a troubled teen, you may be nearly at the end of your rope in trying to find ways to help your child. One of the more popular troubled teen programs is a therapeutic wilderness program. However, as a parent, you may balk at the thought of having your child out there…

Posted on: February 16th 4:08 pm

Distinguishing Typical Teen Behavior from Red Flags

The teenage years can be overwhelming – not just for the parents but for the teen himself. It seems that teens are in a whirling vortex of emotions. Generally, they are more volatile, more apt to explode in anger, more prone to indulge in reckless behavior, arguments and fights. Some teens even go to the…

Posted on: January 29th 2:46 pm

Choosing a Troubled Teen Program for Your Child

A teen’s journey to adulthood will undoubtedly be eventful in terms of the struggles, power plays and emotional skirmishes. For some, the teen finally transitions into adulthood and these struggles are things of the past. Sadly, for others, the journey is more challenging. This is especially true if the teen has more than the fair…

Posted on: January 15th 11:14 am

Common Concerns You May Have

I’m afraid my child will hate me if I send them away to a program We recognize that this is a very real obstacle for many parents. If this is a concern that you have about sending your child, it is probably because your child has learned that guilt is one of your hot-buttons and…

Posted on: March 19th 8:49 pm

Who Else Wants Obedient Children?

Where do you turn for help with your children when you have tried everything already?  If you could talk to someone who has years of experience helping children like yours become more obedient would you listen to what they had to say?   Think to yourself about what I have to offer, would you like…

Posted on: March 19th 8:48 pm

Success Stories From Parents

The dramatic transformation that so many of our students experience and achieve during enrollment in a Premier school is nothing short of miraculous. Here are but a few of thousands of success stories: We are happy to recommend these schools and programs to parents. We are so thankful that we found this program when we…

Posted on: March 19th 8:48 pm

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