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Abundant Life Academy is an evangelical Christian boarding school designed for troubled teens. Both girls and boys are welcome and live in separate sections of the academy facility. ALA helps teenagers that are making poor personal choices, struggling with self-image or self-worth, in rebellion against parental authority, or experimenting with drugs, sex or alcohol. Programs are designed to help teens mature emotionally and take responsibility for their actions. Abundant Life Academy provides tailor made programs to effectively address the unique set of needs faced by youth in today’s culture. The issues that teenagers are presented with, as well as the level of exposure they experience today are far beyond what took place even a decade ago. Today’s teens are met with issues and situations at a much more advanced level than in previous generations. With the onset of technological advances such as Facebook, cell phones, texting, etc., teens deal with things that most of us never experienced in our own adolescent development. This creates a unique set of challenges for parents in today’s society.

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