Teaching Gratitude to Teenagers

This month is all about giving thanks, and we as adults tend to recognize how to be grateful on a daily basis because we’ve had to work so hard for it. However, teenagers tend to be in a more selfish state, so teaching them the concept of gratitude can be a hard one to tackle….

Posted on: November 20th 9:30 am

Helping A Troubled Teen Through the Holidays

The holidays can be a hard time for anyone, but particularly for teenagers who are already struggling with life in school, at home or even at both. If you want your teen to enjoy the holidays and let there be peace on Earth, then see below for some great ideas on how to handle a…

Posted on: November 6th 9:30 am

Keeping Your Teen Safe At Halloween

Halloween is one of the most nerve-wracking holidays, particularly for parents of older kids. Between parties and the large crowds of people out at night, it can be a stressful time for parents as they try to let their teen have some more freedom while still trying to instill good morals and safe behavior. If…

Posted on: October 23rd 9:30 am

How to Help a Grieving Teen

The loss of a loved one can be very hard for anyone, but it can be particularly taxing on a teenager already struggling to navigate through the daily changes in their lives. If you have a grieving teen, it’s important to remember some important ways to help them cope with their grief, and when it’s…

Posted on: October 9th 9:30 am

How Sports Can Benefit Students

It’s no secret that exercise can do everything from help with depression to boost immunity, but there are so many more benefits when applying those ideas to sports within a high school. How can sports benefit your troubled teen? See below for some reasons why you should talk to your teen about joining in on…

Posted on: September 19th 9:22 am

How Alternative Schools for Teens Can Help

The idea of sending your troubled teen to a residential teen program or a therapeutic school for teens may seem scary and like a last resort, but these schools are specially designed to help troubled teens turn their lives around before it’s too late. So what is the difference between traditional and alternative high schools?…

Posted on: September 3rd 9:22 am

Five Things To Pack For Teen Wilderness Camp

A teen wilderness program is an amazing way to let your troubled teen disconnect from the stress of their school world, and get into nature while learning very valuable life skills amongst peers. However, these wilderness camps are often in the depths of nature, where the elements can be unknown even to the most skilled…

Posted on: July 9th 11:00 am

Tips For Traveling With Teens

Teens can be problematic on a good day. With hormones causing mood swings, a lack of a way to spend energy with school out, and a drop in social activities that can lead to depression, summer break can be a recipe for a happy teen becoming a troubled teen. If you are planning on taking…

Posted on: June 25th 8:57 am

Summer Activities to Help Your Teen Build Character

Summer break for school-aged children can mean a startling break in ordinary routine. With so much free time, teens can often fall into patterns of loneliness or depression. If you are looking for activities to help your teen get through the dog days of summer, you may also be looking for things that build character….

Posted on: June 7th 6:38 am

Five Of the Country’s Best Wilderness Camps for Teens

Although camps at troubled teen programs can be utilized year round, spring is the perfect time to take advantage of these great opportunities to help your teen grow while focusing on the outdoors. Warmer weather and ample time off of school, such as spring break, make this time of year ideal to explore a teen…

Posted on: May 23rd 9:18 am

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