Tips For Traveling With Teens

Teens can be problematic on a good day. With hormones causing mood swings, a lack of a way to spend energy with school out, and a drop in social activities that can lead to depression, summer break can be a recipe for a happy teen becoming a troubled teen.

If you are planning on taking a vacation with your entire family this summer, you may be wondering the best ways to keep the peace with your teenager and ensure that everyone has the most enjoyable time possible. See below for some great tips on how to travel with your teens.

Make them part of the process. Ask for their input far in advance about where they would like to go, and when the best time would be. If you are flexible, they are more likely to be excited about the trip, and less disruptive in the planning. You may be surprised to find that they have somewhere they’ve always wanted to go, and perhaps you haven’t thought of before. Treat them as an important part of the decision-making process, and they may learn a thing or two about the work that goes into planning a vacation.

Give them space. When looking into accommodations, try to plan for as many rooms as possible while staying on budget. If possible, booking separate space for your teen will give them somewhere to unwind and recharge while enjoying their much-needed privacy. If you simply cannot plan for separate bedrooms, try giving them a few hours a day to make yourself scarce so they may have the room to themselves. Go shopping or check out the local restaurant scene while they catch up on TV or texts with friends.

Let them sleep. Teenagers seem to sleep as many hours as a newborn baby, and with the way they are growing, it may be necessary. Try to avoid early morning activities that require them to wake up before they are near ready. If you do have some early morning starts, simply enjoy them alone or with another one of your early risers who would love to come along. A family vacation does not mean the entire family has to participate in every activity together. Spending one-on-one time doing activities with each of the members can be just as special.

Get adventurous together. Trying new challenges together will help you to bond with your teen as you face goals together. It can be as simple as eating your way through an entire town’s local cuisine in just a few days or repelling off of a mountain from a thousand feet. Whatever you choose to do, face it together.

If all else fails, send them to their own space. If you just don’t believe bringing your teen with you on vacation will be in anyone’s best interest, try sending them to something they will enjoy on their own. Teen wilderness camps or teen summer camps are a great way to get them around their own peers and keep them out of trouble while you are away.

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