Putting Your Foot Down: Setting the Rules for Your Teen

Does your home feel like a militarized zone, where all the parties are shooting at each other? Is there chaos caused by a teen’s disregard for rules and for the feelings of others? Are there problems with regards to discipline and keeping the rules? Or is there a problem stemming from the lack of rules?…

Posted on: October 1st 6:11 pm

Runaway Teen: What Parents Can Do

It came as a complete shock – your child has run away. Running away may be an “easy way out” at the onset, but teens do not realize the dangers he is exposing himself to when he runs away from home. Runaways expose themselves to prostitution, homelessness, substance abuse, illnesses, sexually-transmitted diseases and physical abuse….

Posted on: September 14th 3:27 pm

Ineffective Punishments and Why You Should Avoid Them

Sometimes temper goes in the way. And often, it’s your temper that is the problem and not your teen’s. When your teen does something that arouses the anger in you, remember that the anger will undermine your relationship and your subsequent discipline of your teen. Correction, not Punishment It seems that a teenager has that…

Posted on: August 31st 2:50 pm

How to Know If It’s Time to Enroll Your Teen in a Troubled Teen Program

The teenage years are tumultuous times. Many a parent have despaired that their once sweet and loving child has transformed into a broody and even rebellious teenager. But how bad should bad behavior be before you consider more stringent measures? Can you manage your teen’s behavior or is it time to send him to a…

Posted on: August 17th 2:19 pm

Exploring Programs and Interventions for Your Troubled Teens

Does your teen need more than counseling or detention time? Is he getting into trouble because of behavioral issues or problems with substance abuse? Has your home life degenerated into a battleground because of constant fights and bickering between your teen and other family members? Does your teen burst into bouts of temper? These issues…

Posted on: August 3rd 6:57 pm

What To Do When Your Teen Becomes Verbally Abusive

Oh, to go back to the days when you were teaching your child his first words! Looking – and listening to your teen now – you wonder what happened to that sweet little child who loved to whisper sweet words to your ear. Now, you are grappling with a teenager who has become verbally abusive,…

Posted on: July 16th 4:35 pm

After the Troubled Teen Program: Now What?

Your teen is coming home after completing a teen wilderness program or a troubled teen residential program. There are feelings of relief and joy (“My child is coming home at last!”). However, these are mixed with feelings of trepidation and anxiety (“Will he go back to his old ways? How long will the improvement last?”)….

Posted on: July 1st 2:16 pm

When Your Child is the Bully

Bullying is not a problem that we can ignore or dismiss. Bullying can come be verbal (insults or name calling), physical (threatening or hurting the victim) and even emotional (exclusion or intimidation). The emotional and physical effects of bullying can cause scars that will take a lot of time to heal. In some cases, bullying…

Posted on: June 15th 2:03 pm

Choosing a Summer Camp for Troubled Teens

If you are worried that the summer and its idle days can only give more time for your teen to get into mischief, why not sign him up for teen summer camp? Some summer camps are especially designed for helping troubled teens deal with behavioral issues and grow towards the right direction. Teen Summer Camps…

Posted on: June 1st 5:56 pm

Considering a Residential Treatment Center for your Troubled Teen

The teenage years can be especially tumultuous both to parents and the teenagers themselves. However, the task of raising and disciplining a teenager becomes all the more challenging if you have in your hands what can be considered a troubled teen. When a teen struggles with harmful emotions and behaviors, it may be time to…

Posted on: April 30th 9:21 pm

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