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42675 Road 44

Reedley, CA 93654


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Wellspring Academies are residential weight loss schools for overweight children, teens and young adults ages 11 – 25, and are among the world’s most effective programs for weight loss. At the campuses in California and North Carolina, Wellspring students benefit from weight loss outcomes that are among the best documented for any non-surgical weight loss program. Wellspring Academies have helped hundreds of students transform their bodies and their lives.
Students reside on campus and learn to live a healthy lifestyle, while continuing their middle school, high school, or college education. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year, with many students choosing to enroll mid-semester. Summer Session at Wellspring Academy of California is also available.
Students ages 11-18 can choose either California or North Carolina campuses. The unique College Program located in California allows young men and women ages 18-25 to pursue college credits in the Academic Program or focus solely on weight loss in the Adventure Program.

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