Unity Care

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1400 Parkmoor Avenue, Suite 115

San Jose, CA 95126


Company Description

Unity Care Group is a community-based, non-profit youth and family development agency. Founded with the goal of developing educational and social programs to enrich the lives of at-risk youth, the mission is to provide quality youth and family programs for the purpose of creating healthier communities through lifelong partnerships. Unity Care Group accepts youth (ages 11 to 24) into residential programs by referral only.
The Residential Treatment Homes Program is a successful, dynamic residential care program licensed by the State of California. The goal of this program is to provide a safe and secure living environment for at-risk youth in need of emotional support. The residents are dependent, delinquent and/or gang-affiliated, but are capable of functioning in an open community setting. The homes offer an atmosphere of love, warmth and understanding. Full-time counselors provide positive role models, adult guidance and consistent standards of discipline.

Services Provided

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