Turn-About Ranch

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280 North 300 East, PO Box 345

Escalante, UT 84726


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With the motto, “A proven unique program for troubled teens on a self-destructive path”, Turn-About Ranch is located in Escalante, Utah. The Ranch offers troubled youth an opportunity to work on a real ranch feeding chickens, working with horses and cows as well as a number of other traditional chores associated with a ranch or farm.
Students from 13 to 17 learn to integrate behavioral changes through hard work and by getting their hands dirty as they learn the value of putting in a hard day’s work on a ranch. Turn-About Ranch is a Christian-based residential program that teaches traditional morals and ethics to young people. They remind troubled teens of the value of teamwork, honesty and integrity. The Ranch is licensed by the state of Utah and offers courses and schooling accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

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