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500 Governors Drive

Huntsville, AL 35801


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The programs of The Pinnacle Schools provide diagnostic, assessment, education and intervention services for troubled teens, ages 12-18, and their families. The programs are based on a medical model with 24-hour medical/nursing care. The Pinnacle Schools pioneered the use of year-round individualized academics in the short-term residential setting. Because of the flexible length of stay, students can complete a quarter, semester or full academic year. Continued medical and psychological therapies, along with education, ensure long term success. The academic programs of The Pinnacle Schools are designed to support students therapeutically by providing a safe learning environment in which their self-esteem is positively impacted by success in school.
Although a flexible length of stay is available at Elk River, it shouldn’t be compared to a boarding school for troubled teens. Boarding schools are typically a long-term option. Elk River programs are designed as short-term therapeutic programs with year-round academics.

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