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Fairway, KS


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Thalia House recognizes that eating disorder recovery is a journey requiring ongoing support. For many young women, a supportive transition from inpatient or residential treatment to their home environment is essential to prevent relapse. For other young women, recovery requires more structure and support in daily living than outpatient therapy alone.
Thalia House is for young women who are able to live independently and desire the support of a recovery community as they practice life skills and gain freedom from their eating disorder. Residents take responsibility for living a healthy lifestyle while receiving guidance from our staff and support from their peers. Each resident establishes goals for the future and becomes involved in part-time employment, school, and/or volunteer work during her stay at Thalia House.
The goal-oriented schedule helps young women, ages 18 and older, focus on their continued recovery while transitioning into “real world” living. Each weekday morning, in a group setting, our master’s level professionals encourage residents through community meetings, expressive arts, spirituality, nutrition experiences, and movement.

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