Telos Residential Treatment

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870 West Center Street

Orem, UT 84057


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Telos is a relations based treatment center program for teen aged boys. Telos believes in assisting boys to change from the inside out. This means that the program does not take the approach to change that is based upon a system of punishments and rewards, which encourages compliance rather than meaningful change. Telos believes that meaningful, lasting change is possible when one human being makes a positive connection with another through the processes of inspiration, modeling, invitation, processing, and encouraging insight.
Family involvement is critical in the process of lasting, meaningful change. Families participate in a minimum of an hour of weekly family therapy. This is increased as needed in order to address the specific needs of individual families. Families also participate in “Family Days” 5 times a year. This is a three day experience that includes multi-family support groups, a variety of trainings and groups, face-to-face family therapy, individual family recreation therapy, and customized family therapy activities/assignments.

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