Teen Life Skills Center

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961 East 5th Street

Kidder, MO 64649


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Teen Life Skills Center is a program located in Kidder Missouri that changes, reunites, and restores hope to families across the nation. TLC is a boarding school that gives parents with disrespectful teens an opportunity to take control. TLC gives teens ages 12-17, the discipline and structure they need to change their lives, while giving parents the support they need to restructure their homes, establish communication, and reevaluate their situation.
Success for TLC comes when the program puts a family back together, puts parents back in charge, and gives their teen an appreciation and true respect for themselves and the parental role. TLC is a strict boarding school that focuses on teaching teens the importance of family, respect for self and others, healthy living, and the value of hard work. Throughout the course of the one year program, teens are given the opportunity to serve in the community, catch up on, or graduate from school, and actively repair and build their relationship with their parents and family members.

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