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Sunrise is a Residential Treatment Program and Boarding School for Teen Girls. Because your daughter possesses a unique constellation of experiences, talents, relationships, and struggles, Sunrise offers a teen residential treatment program that is customized to meet her special needs. Sunrise works to uncover the academic, social, and emotional potential of girls who have been held back by emotional or behavioral struggles. The staff knows that in school and treatment one size does not fit all, so the program is tailored to meet your daughter right where she is and design a program that changes with her as she grows confident, secure, and healthy during treatment.
The best treatment requires not only current, research-based therapies, but an informed vision for each unique teen girl. The clinicians’ first job is to get to know your daughter from a number of perspectives, including clinical profile, family system, and learning profile. Tying all of this together requires an understanding of the girl as a person-her dreams, fears, strengths, and hurts; what makes her mad and what makes her laugh. Without the benefit of a trusting, authentic relationship, even the most sophisticated treatment modalities are of little use. With the benefit of a trusting relationship, however, clinically sophisticated therapies can be customized to meet the individual’s needs and can change her life!

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