Sundown Ranch

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3120 VZCR 2318

Canton, TX 75103


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Sundown Ranch is a treatment facility designed to meet the needs of individuals suffering from chemical dependency and related co-occurring psychiatric disorders for ages 12 to 24. The primary purpose is to provide quality services to adolescents and young adults. The ranch, 450 acres of rolling hills, lakes and trees, provides a highly structured and individualized program in an environment where young people can learn to live free of drugs and alcohol. In combating their dependency, clients develop a sense of personal identity, and strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence. The open peaceful environment-a contrast to the institutional, hospital-like atmosphere of many rehabilitation facilities is part of the treatment and therapy.
Sundown Ranch is dedicated to helping young people and their families. At Sundown Ranch, Inc., chemical dependency is regarded as a treatable disease. The twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous is combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to enable clients to live free of alcohol and drugs. Clients receive extensive individual therapy, and regularly review their progress with their therapist’s and counselors. Counselor-led group therapy sessions allow young people to discuss common issues, and to support one another’s recovery.

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