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Gatehouse Therapeutic Health Services (GTHS) operates from a separate but adjacent building to the Gatehouse residence. The staff firmly believes that the healing that is available in the process of living in a recovery community is as critical as the healing that is available through professional therapy. The setting for this 9-12 month drug-free educational experience is Arizona.
The facilities are intimate, family-style, highly confidential and steeped in the Gatehouse tradition of excellence. Gatehouse provides a unique approach for adolescents, combining life skills training, therapy, academics, outdoor activities and family coaching. Each client is automatically enrolled into Gatehouse Therapeutic Health Services and has access to Gatehouse Academy and all of our educational and vocational offerings there. Gatehouse treats young adults & troubled teens with substance abuse, behavior and drug and alcohol issues who are searching for help and information come to Gatehouse. The program focuses on young adults ages 17 to 26.

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