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Over 20 years ago, a small group of therapists saw a need among teens in our community. They noted teenagers who developed behaviors such as defiance towards their parents and other authority figures. Sometimes this behavior was compounded by problems such as ADHD or Reactive Attachment Disorder and would escalate into school failure, lying, depression, theft, drug/alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, or attempted suicide.
Turnabout helps teens learn to take responsibility for their choices and develop a positive self concept, enabling them to learn to hope, dream, and work toward a happy, meaningful, and successful life. This program serves teens ages 12 to 17 who are struggling with defiance, failure in school, learning disabilities (ADD/ADHD), depression, substance abuse, adoption issues, PTSD, or any of the other issues listed in our student profile. Rather than sleeping in a dormitory, Turnabout students spend their nights in a family environment. These host families become an amazing support group for the students as well as the student’s family and help to encourage their progress.

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