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Second Nature Footsteps is a licensed, clinically driven wilderness program designed to meet the unique needs of younger teens, ages 11-14. Second Nature Entrada for Adults is a leader in Wilderness Therapy Programs for adults due to its intense clinical focus and high level of personalized service to each client. Every encounter, assignment, and activity a client experiences has purpose and intention.
Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, therapists utilize clinically proven treatment modalities to address the specific needs of younger adolescents and their families with sensitivity and compassion. Second Nature is the industry’s most clinically sophisticated wilderness therapy program.
Second Nature was founded on the idea that troubled teens and their families deserve quality clinical treatment, combined with sensitivity and compassion. Utilizing the backdrop of wilderness living and metaphor, the Second Nature therapist will guide you through the safest and most effective program in the country. Each phase of growth is marked by over-arching themes. You will receive a comprehensive packet with an explanation of the symbols: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air and how each relates to emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

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