Silverado Academy

Company Location

3800 South U.S. Highway 89

Panguitch, UT 84759


Company Description

Silverado is a clinical boarding school for ages 13 thru 18. The foundation of the program is built upon three core principles: work, love, and play. These core principles are integrated into every aspect of our program. Staff are encouraged to maintain their own healthy life balance in these three areas; doing so they become strong role models for the students and for the families we serve.
The Silverado Program emphasizes a positive peer environment to assist students in developing supportive social interactions through teamwork and shared responsibility. The program allows students to look inward for hidden strengths and self-confidence. The unique location provides an environment which removes modern distractions, interrupts negative behavior patterns, and promotes emotional growth. Silverado offers a two hundred acre ranch in close proximity to Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and Lake Powell. The location provides an inspirational setting which allows students to discover and develop new skill sets and new attitudes.

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