Short Ridge Academy

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619 Governor’s Road

Milton, NH 3851


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Guided by a Positive Youth Development perspective, Shortridge Academy provides a therapeutically supportive and inspiring educational community that supports the cognitive, emotional, and social development of bright yet struggling adolescents by utilizing clearly-defined, goal-directed plans, evidenced-based strategies, and a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Joining with families, trained staff engages students to identify their strengths and encourages the development of skills and knowledge that will prepare them for healthy and productive adulthood.
The majority of students who enroll at Shortridge Academy have completed a Wilderness Program prior to their arrival. Students are usually bright underachievers who experienced challenges in the
classroom in their previous schooling, revealed in a more recent decline in academic performance, or a longer history of struggling in school due to attention issues and/or learning differences. Curriculum and instruction at Shortridge are designed to motivate and engage all students to reach their academic potential and become lifelong learners.

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