Shepherd’s Hill Academy

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2200 Price Road

Martin, GA 30557


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Shepherds Hill Academy is a Christian Boarding School and Wilderness Program. SHA’s wilderness program and school is a hybrid between a therapeutic wilderness program and a Christian boarding school. It includes wilderness therapy to teach struggling teens about God, life and teamwork, while offering a fully accredited school. It features equine therapy, group and individual counseling, and teamwork exercises.
Shepherd’s Hill combines the best of other therapeutic programs into one program that both includes the wilderness aspect and a first class education. The pivotal factor for kids is to look to God for their strength and for answers for their life. The unique 20 acre rural location of Shepherd’s Hill Academy offers the ability to establish and maintain a structured biblical- based, loving but authoritative wilderness environment. The location also offers the ability to develop programs and an academic curriculum essential in developing character.
The entire New Creations Wilderness Program structure is able to create, establish, and maintain a healthy, structured, loving authoritative community which promotes life changing opportunity for every enrolled student. With this unique setting, Shepherd’s Hill is able to create an atmosphere in which all negative cultural influences are removed and team collaboration is essential. It offers kids the opportunity to contemplate the more meaningful things of life.

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