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Sequel TSI is a nationally-recognized leader in youth services. Founded in 1985 to provide therapy and education to adolescents struggling with emotional, behavioral and learning issues, the experienced, trained staff members strive to provide compassionate, professional support to the children in our care. The mission of Sequel TSI is to prepare children and their families to lead responsible and fulfilling lives by teaching behavioral accountability and providing mentoring and education within a safe, and structured, dynamic environment.
Each child possesses unique characteristics and struggles with particular issues that should be explored and examined by only the most caring and knowledgeable treatment practitioners. The experienced professionals at Sequel TSI understand that “cookie cutter” residential treatment programs do not work for every child. As an answer to the question of how to best care for children with varying degrees of behavioral and emotional issues, our program offers different types of adolescent programs for different problems.
Boarding School: Auldern Academy is a private therapeutic boarding school for grades 9 through 12, offering college preparatory education. Students who enroll at Auldern Academy seek to develop skills and qualities required for academic success, personal growth and improved family relations. The Outdoor Therapeutic Program is held at Paint Rock Valley, an outdoor residential therapeutic program structured to address behavioral problems by providing therapeutic support, structure and personal attention to help your child to achieve positive change. The campus is set on pristine wooded acreage featuring mountains, streams and wildlife. Residents live in on-site cottages and experience a variety of therapeutic, structured activities, while attending classes in an accredited school on campus.

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