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Yoncalla, OR


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At Scotts Valley School, students live in a positive and non-punitive environment which inspires and honors responsible choice, and which helps each student identify irresponsible choices and the negative self-beliefs which support them. Through the therapeutic program, students become increasingly aware of the choices they make which create the results they are standing in at each moment. They learn that they are free to choose a great, joyful and inspiring life or one filled with regret and pain. And they learn that leaning into life’s struggles is the key.

The20 acre campus location in southern Oregon provides the perfect combination of activities, therapy, and accredited secondary education. The purpose at Scotts Valley School is to inspire passion for life by tapping into, and supporting, our students’ natural passion for meaning in their lives. The program is licensed as a therapeutic boarding school, not a boot camp.
Education and activity are central to the process. The academic programs provide the resources of materials, training, and staff assistance for students at whatever level they are learning. The focus on activity, both on and off campus, provides a system of fun-based breaks in the hard emotional and educational work on campus, and which are available at every phase of our program.

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