Safe Harbor Maritime Academy

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4772 Safe Harbor Way

Jacksonville, FL 32226


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Safe Harbor Maritime Academy founded in 1984 as Safe Harbor Boys Home in Jacksonville, Florida is a Christian residential education program using the waterfront as a residential and educational facility for teenage boys. Providing a safe, stable, structured, alternative home environment, boys live aboard vessels, learning seamanship and maritime skills as well as studying for a high school diploma.
Safe Harbor admits boys age 15-17 who are fatherless, have lost one or more parents to death, and those who are experiencing behavior problems in home and at school and need an alternative home setting. Referrals are accepted from the professional mental health community, judiciary, pastors, relatives and friends. The purpose of Safe Harbor is to assist the boys in becoming responsible, mature and independent young men through spiritual, educational and vocational training.

As a water based program the boys live aboard boats, learning seamanship skills. All boys must be able to pass a swimming exam as a condition of admission. The boys receive Vocational training in a variety of disciplines is also offered on-campus. Lifestyle competence such as driver education, job seeking skills (interviewing, resumes, appropriate dress), banking – including establishing and maintaining a checking and savings’ account, the correct use of credit, and every boy graduates from Dr. Robbie’s FHA club (Future Husbands of America) learning basic nutrition, cooking and grocery shopping skills, laundry and housekeeping skills.

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