Red Rock Canyon School

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 747 East Saint George Boulevard

St George, UT 84770


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Red Rock Canyon School is a state-licensed residential treatment facility for adolescents, ages twelve to eighteen, with behavioral and/or emotional problems who require a level of structure and treatment beyond that which is available in traditional outpatient clinics. The school offers 24 hour nursing and behavioral management staffing to ensure that our clients have access to professional staffing throughout their stay.
The troubled youth programs believe in the worth and value of each individual teen regardless of the nature of his or her problems. The teenage treatment center has proven successful in giving back teens, adolescents and youth proper social and emotion skills to be successful in life.
A Private Boarding School for Troubled teens is also available. In the youth residential treatment center the programs help each struggling teen find the worth and value in themselves. The adolescent treatment therapy program at Red Rock Canyon School is designed to help each struggling teen identify their problem behaviors and build on their internal strengths. Red Rock Canyon School does not believe in harsh treatment to bring about change.

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