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363 Graphite Road

Old Fort, NC 28762  


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Phoenix Outdoor is a therapeutic wilderness program for teens located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Phoenix offers comprehensive treatment in a dynamic, experiential setting for teens ages 13-17 who are struggling with substance abuse/use as well co-occurring behavioral and mental health issues.
In small, single-gender groups, teens hike and camp in the U.S. National Forest, returning to base camp at regular intervals. At all times, both in the wilderness and at base camp, teens are supervised by a team of experienced professionals who keep them safe, teach them camping skills, facilitate peer interaction, and execute a structured curriculum of activities designed by their therapist to identify and address the underlying issues that led to their placement at Phoenix.
Phoenix Outdoor believes that a therapeutic outdoor environment, far removed from the stresses, pressures and distractions of daily life, is the ideal place for students to establish a foundation for long-term substance abuse recovery and lifelong success.

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