Oxbow Academy

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95 North State Street

Wales, UT 84667


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Oxbow Academy assists each student in discovering his own identity and how he can tap into his potential. Students learn how personal thinking errors lead to behavior errors. They work on recognizing and controlling both. They practice making positive choices through a variety of experiential therapeutic activities.
Every Oxbow student begins his therapeutic journey by developing his personal mission statement. The mission statement becomes his own standard of accountability. It is a deeply personal affirmation of his individual worth. It is his first step in re-defining himself. His mission statement requires him to take personal responsibility for his life. As such, it must be absolutely original.
Oxbow Academy instructors are licensed professional educators, many with Master degrees or special education certificates, who have an average of 15 years teaching experience. Student/teacher ratios are approximately 12 to 1. The academic program is structured so that students do not have to sacrifice learning opportunities in order to address their therapeutic issues.

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