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251 West Weber Canyon Road

Oakley, UT 84055


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The mission at Oakley School is to inspire each student to respect and pursue educational and moral growth while developing individual skills crucial to success in a complex, changing world. As a proud member of CRC Health Group, Oakley embraces CRC’s five core values: Respect – for students and their families, employees, and community, Integrity – in dealing with all those whose lives we touch, Accountability – to students and families, and to colleagues, Responsibility – for the decisions we make and the actions we take and Excellence – in every task we perform.
By design, Oakley School provides a very structured program that accounts for each hour of each day with our students. The management focus is to step back and provide less containment than more restrictive setting, and allow our students choices — hard choices. The program provides a life simulator, giving students more autonomy to make choices, and the support to explore and adjust with each choice they make. They have the autonomy to make choices about the friends they spend time with here at Oakley, who they contact at home when they earn their phone calls, how to adhere to our dress code, their commitment to sobriety, how they will accomplish their schoolwork, and so on.

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