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Welcome to Oak Creek Ranch School, an Arizona Boarding School. For 40 years Oak Creek has been helping underachieving teens and students with ADD ADHD reach their full potential. As one of the top ADHD boarding schools in the country, it provides individualized programs, small classes, and a highly experienced faculty. Specialized boarding school programs are designed to help teenagers achieve their academic goals while gaining valuable social and interpersonal skills. The school’s Leadership and Character Development program teaches unmotivated teens the importance of being responsible, keeping commitments and treating themselves and others with respect.

Oak Creek Ranch School is a fully accredited, college preparatory boarding school for boys and girls with an enrollment of approximately 90 students, ages 13-19. (Grades 7-12). The school was founded in 1972 by David Wick to help teens who were not succeeding in a traditional school environment. Under the leadership of his son, David Wick Jr., the 40 year track record of success continues, enabling generation after generation to lead productive and rewarding lives.

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