Mount Carmel Youth Ranch

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428 RD 1AF

Powell, WY 82435


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MTCYR Catholic Residential Therapeutic Youth Ranch Program is an alternative boarding school designed for troubled teens and at-risk youth. We are operated by a Catholic family who utilize their ranch for a unique therapeutic approach that focuses on building the Christian virtues within the struggling teens. Located on 40,000 acres that overlook the Beartooth Mountain range of northern Wyoming, MTCYR is a “real working cattle ranch expereince” that offers students an authentic western adventure. We believe that interaction with livestock and other ranch activities is instrumental in educating the mind, strengthening the body, and elevating the spirit. With over 20 years of experience, MTCYR will not only repair the damaged self-esteem of the troubled teen, but will also help mend his family relationships his poor decisions have negatively impacted. It is through our focus on Christian morality and virtues that allows the troubled teen to become conscience of the ways in which his bad behavior hurts others. We believe that every boy who comes to MTCYR is intrinsically good and capable of receiving the help he needs to better his life.

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