Moonridge Academy

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PO Box 575780

Murray, UT 84157


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Moonridge Academy, a residential treatment center in beautiful southern Utah, provides a specialized, unique learning and healing environment for younger girls ages 11-15 that are beginning to experiment with high- risk behaviors. The girls receive ample therapy and individual attention with a creative and nurturing approach. Moonridge Academy is a proud member of the CERTS programs.
Moonridge Academy is intensely therapeutic and is, therefore, fundamentally different from traditional special needs or learning disability boarding schools. Many of the girls are very capable and intelligent “academic underachievers.” A good number have a diagnosable learning disorder in spite of their aptitude and talents. In the majority of cases, this underperformance can be directly attributed to the emotional baggage ensuing from “triggering events” such as a divorce between Mom and Dad, physical or sexual abuse, adoption, or an untimely death in the family.

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