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1140 W Jackson Blvd

Chicago, IL 60607


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Mercy Home for Boys & Girls is a Catholic organization answering the Gospel call by ministering to children and families in need. Mercy Home believes every child has the potential to make positive decisions for his or her own well-being. Mercy Home provides kids in crisis with the support and guidance they need to realize their own potential and make adapt positive decisions. The young people come with a wide variety of challenges: Low self-esteem and depression, Academic issues, such as failing grades, poor attendance, or disciplinary problems, Pressure from gangs or neighborhood violence, Relational difficulties with adults or siblings.
Whether living full time at Mercy Home, participating in activities with other former residents through our AfterCare program, or spending a few hours a month with a positive adult role model, young people have many opportunities at Mercy Home to build confidence and acquire the skills they need to build successful futures.

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