Majestic Ranch

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P.O. Box 128 6460 Manhead Rd.

Randolph, UT 84064

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Majestic Ranch Academy provides an excellent opportunity for children ages 7-14 to gain skills by assisting with ranch duties in a beautiful and peaceful environment. Students will have the opportunity to experience calving, lambing, and caring for cows, sheep, horses, goats, llamas, cats and dogs. Their insight, awareness and perspective will be broadened while participating in these activities. Located in Randolph, Utah on a 2000 acre working ranch.

Students are involved in helping with ranch chores and caring for animals on a regular basis. Students have the opportunity to buy and care for their own animal as they progress in the Academy. During the spring and fall, the students are involved in sheep trail and have the experience of sleeping in the outdoors as they trail the sheep to and from summer pasture. All students also have the opportunity to learn about horses and ride them.

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