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Founded in 1990, Lifeline Utah has been providing a lifeline for teens and their families for over 20 years. In the beginning, Lifeline was a small group of parents and professions who were concerned with the alarmingly high rate of relapse associated with many traditional treatments.
Over the years, Lifeline has become a strong force in the local community, helping many teens and their families. Today, they have helped thousands and are poised to help thousands more, locally and across the nation. Your teen will be supervised 24 hours a day at the treatment facility during this stage of recovery. Your teen will go to school at the private school (on-site) and live in a residential family environment. He or she will be assigned a primary therapist at the center, and will have individual, group, and family therapy and learn to rebuild trust with family members.
Therapists, mentors, and staff will assess your teen during a 21-day assessment and evaluation period. The assessment includes a complete psychiatric evaluation, complete lab workup tests, a psychosocial history, and complete psychological testing (MMPI-A, Beck Depression Inventory, Mental Status Exam). Once the evaluation is finished, your teen’s primary therapist will meet with your teen and his or her parents to make recommendations.

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