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Residential treatment at Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center is unique. The clinically acclaimed residential treatment program is designed exclusively for girls ages 12-17 suffering from depression or low self-esteem. While behaviors vary, common issues treated at Kolob Canyon include oppositional defiance, self-mutilation, drug or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, parent/child conflict, suicide ideation, learning disabilities, adoption issues, or school failure.
The residential treatment program successfully helps many troubled teenage girls change behavior patterns and make better choices. This is done through a clinically intense blend of traditional and non-traditional therapy delivered in a safe and nurturing environment. At Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center, the clinical staff and directors are experienced, educated, and well trained. They have a highly successful track record of making positive changes with individuals that struggle with various issues. The Kolob Canyon School is child-focused rather than curriculum-focused. A broad enrichment program of art, science, horsemanship, French, and drama give our students opportunities for success that empower them to succeed elsewhere.

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