Indepandence Center

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3640 South Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 102

Los Angeles, CA 90034


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Independence Center is a mainstreamed transitional residential program for young adults (18-30) with learning disabilities. Program highlights include training in independent living, social and vocational skills, counseling, and more. If we spend our whole lives in the nest and never spread our wings, we’ll never know just how high we can fly. That’s why the greatest gift we can give to our young adults with learning disabilities is a gentle nudge out of the nest and into the real world.
Established as a non-profit California corporation in 1985, INDEPENDENCE CENTER operates a non-sectarian program for young adults with learning disabilities. The age range is typically 18-30+ years and includes both men and women. The Program meets the needs of the average – low average group of young people with learning disabilities who graduate from high school and need training for independent living.

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