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The Grove School program is a co-educational, therapeutic boarding school for adolescents who, because of social or emotional difficulties, have been unable to make satisfactory adjustments in their home, their school, or their social relationships. The Grove School was founded by Dr. J. Perlman in 1934mand accepts boys and girls ages 11 to 18.
The Grove School provides a therapeutic milieu for young people who are experiencing emotional and learning challenges that affect the quality of their lives. By weaving various therapeutic facets into a seamless whole, Grove provides an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and the development of meaningful relationships and is family owned and operated.
The creation of a seamless interface between academic, clinical, residential, and administrative components is the foundation of the therapeutic boarding school treatment model. This resulting therapeutic environment addresses each student’s unique individual needs as well as their social and interpersonal responsibilities and obligations. Self-respect, accountability for one’s decisions and actions, the capacity to develop trusting relationships, and the successful navigation of academic demands are the goals of the treatment program for teens.

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