Gray Wolf Ranch

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P.O. Box 102, Port Townsend

Washington, WA 98368


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At Gray Wolf Ranch, the mission is to provide a natural, safe and supportive setting for beginning a structured progression toward a sober lifestyle. Gray Wolf believes that we live and work on recovery as a community and, while ultimately the journey toward sobriety is a personal one, it is best undertaken in the company of friends. Also that addiction is treatable and that a full recovery is possible. And while there are many roads to sobriety, Gray Wolf believes the most effective and sustainable path is traveled with friends.
The program is built upon two core concepts: Every man’s pathway to recovery is determined by his individual needs. Residents live and work on recovery as a community. mThese two tenets guide the program and have helped to create a nurturing, respectful environment where mutually supportive, life-long friendships are forged. The program is for young men from 14 to 25.

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