Fulshear Ranch Academy

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10514 Oberrender Rd.

Needville, TX 77461


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Fulshear begins with the end in mind: a life of healthy independence and self-sufficiency for each of our graduates. Many young women come to Fulshear having struggled with a myriad of complex emotional and psychiatric issues. They leave Fulshear prepared to step into an adult life built around their strengths and passions. For all young women, but especially those who have dealt with trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, and/or mental illness, finding their place in the adult world can be daunting. The combination of clinical expertise and strengths-based experiential programming helps young women from 18 to 24 emerge into adulthood with the vision, confidence, and skills required for independence.

In addition to utilizing the most clinically sophisticated treatment approaches available for young women, Fulshear’s multi-disciplinary team employs an experiential, graduated curriculum of life-skills, academics, vocational training, internships, and work. This is complemented by a robust family program to help parents and siblings understand and support this critical transition. Within the basic structure of the program, every Fulshear student is eventually empowered to create her own personalized program based on an emerging sense of self, personal interests, and future goals.

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