Forest Heights Lodge

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P.O. Box 789

Evergreen, CO 80437


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Forest Heights Lodge is a non-profit residential treatment facility located in a wooded setting in Evergreen, Colorado. It is ideally situated to provide therapeutic environment for children who are struggling with emotional, behavioral, academic and social issues. The residential program, which includes an on-grounds school, admits boys between five and fourteen years of age at the time of enrollment. They have 24 boys in residence. The primary purpose at Forest Heights Lodge is the restoration of children to maximally adaptive social, emotional and academic functioning. Undergirding this purpose is a commitment to the maintenance and strengthening of families and their relationship with their son.
Forest Heights Lodge was founded in 1954 and has developed a treatment model unique to residential treatment and has an international reputation. The philosophy focuses on close, supportive interpersonal relationships that are essential in the building of healthy emotional lives. They believe that children will risk change when they have the opportunity to build close, trusting relationships.

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