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119 South Hill Road, Box 1469

Trout Creek, MT 59874


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Explorations provides Imaginative programs designed to be a catalyst for changing the lives of teens experiencing trouble at home or in school. Students struggling at home or school benefit through immersion into a therapeutic home where healthy family dynamics and role-modeling are the focus. Active participation in a supportive and healthy family environment and becoming a contributing member of the local community enables students to receive hands-on experience and support in dealing with the challenges of everyday life.
Explorations is a dynamic small program for teens and their families that provides meaningful and challenging life experiences through innovative outdoor, residential and travel adventures. With 20 years of experience provideing guidance and direction to families experiencing difficulties.
Exploration also offers summer leadership programs. Students accepted into our summer offerings benefit from a summer filled with conquered challenges and opportunities to strengthen poor self-esteem and self-confidence. They are young people who are floundering at home and in school, but often are not emergent in their behaviors.

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