Excelsior Youth Center

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15001 East Oxford Avenue

Aurora, CO 80014


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At Excelsior Youth Center they offer a home where girls can be truly safe, where structure means safety, and where discipline results in development. Excelsior transforms young lives, directing and guiding them from a past of tragedy to a future full of possibility and, ultimately, triumph.

Excelsior Youth Center is a residential treatment program established in 1973, serving girls between the ages of 11-18 with emotional and behavior difficulties. They are committed to the treatment and education of these young women and strive to enhance their successful reintegration into their families and their communities.
Since 1973 Excelsior Youth Center has provided effective treatment for adolescent girls, ages 11-18 (up to age 21 with court-order or state approved waiver), who have struggled with social and emotional problems. Situated on a 33-acre campus overlooking the Rocky Mountains in the Denver-Metro Area, Excelsior provides a Continuum of Care that includes Short and Long Term Residential Treatment, Day Treatment, Hospital Diversion, Hospital Step-Down, Respite, Outpatient and Home-Based Services.

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