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The Elan School is very aware of how lonely and confused parents must feel as they struggle with their child’s future. Like the parents of most of the students, you may be faced with a troubled teen whose behavior is out of control, and you don’t know why. A troubled teen who has been given everything and is throwing it away is difficult to understand, but you can see that this process is progressive. The most saddening part is knowing that your troubled teen is ruining his or her future with poor decisions. Your own pain is difficult, the pain you feel for your child is unbearable. By coming to Elan, you have found a unique Special Purpose Residential Private School. Elan School cannot offer a miracle fix for troubled teens, but they offer hope. Elan School strives to change the course of your child’s life.
Elan School helps students classified as Emotionally Disturbed, Learning Disabled (mild to moderate), Other Health Impaired or who exhibit disruptive behaviors associated with ADHD and/or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. A typical student may exhibit some or all of the following: Behavior problems in school, Refuses to obey authority figures, Acts without thinking about consequences, Has difficulty accepting responsibility, and substance abuse.

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