Eckerd Academy

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100 Starcrest Drive

Brooksville, FL 34602


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If you have a troubled teenager that continues to struggle despite school or other community-based counseling, Eckerd has a proven solution. Eckerd Academy has a successful track record of nearly 50 years in helping troubled youth gain the skills and confidence needed to effectively transition into real-world success. Common diagnoses of students are: ADD, ADHD, depression, ODD, bi-polar disorder, substance abuse, impulse control disorder, and general anxiety and social anxiety disorders.
Eckerd Academy is fully accredited and has a remarkable success rate because of the structure, routines, goal setting and evaluations that they provide each child, as well as the clear expectations that are set. Most importantly, they develop therapeutic and academic treatment plans that are individualized to each student’s specific needs. This enables counselors to help students gain the self-esteem and competency needed to navigate the tough road from adolescence to adulthood, while also helping repair relationships between parents and other family members. Eckerd is a nurturing wilderness program for boys and girls ages 10 to 17.

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