Eagle Ranch Academy

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115 W. 1470 S.

St. George, UT 84770


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Eagle Ranch Academy was founded by two successful football coaches that have spent a lifetime helping talented but often troubled teens develop attitudes and strategies for maximizing their abilities and achieving great success in their lives. Paul Arslanian is the Executive Director of ERA, and runs the day to day operations along with hands on teaching and mentoring of the Students. Dave Arslanian is the Director of Admissions & Placement for the Ranch and is closely involved with the Parents and Students as they progress through the program and beyond.
Eagle Ranch Academy is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of troubled teens ages 12 to 17. The focus is on troubled teens struggling with issues, but with special talents – academic, athletic, leadership, performing arts, or some other special ability. Eagle Ranch believes these young people will someday make significant contributions to themselves, their families, and to OUR Communities. All they need is to get back on track with their lives, and once again begin to enjoy their youth with their families and friends, and have the opportunity to maximize their special talents.

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