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Eagle-Quest.com (EQ) is the most complete Outdoor Therapeutic Residential Youth Development Program. This unique and effective program offers a variety of options including 30-45 and 60-90 day outdoor program for adolescents between the ages of 13 through 17, who are struggling to find direction in their lives. Due to the over-whelming success of Eagle Quest, a separate and very effective young adult program for 18 to 25 year olds is offered as well. And, when appropriate or necessary a 14-30 day timeout intervention and assessment program is provided.
EAGLE QUEST (EQ) provides all participants with an emotional growth curriculum, therapeutic services including group and individual counseling, substance abuse education, academic school work, a life skills course, and tools and skills for coping with the difficult issues in their lives. EAGLE QUEST is unique in the complete, holistic, and individual approach taken. As each Student learns to adapt to the environment, skillfully trained and highly experienced therapists and counselors lead the Student to understand how to effectively control their lives in Society through this powerful Outdoor experience.

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