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Discovery Academy is a sister program to RedCliff Ascent, Discovery Ranch and Oxbow Academy. Each of these unique programs is nationally recognized for excellence in treating troubled teens with very specific needs. Programs were created by brothers Scott and Steve Petersen, and their partners, Dane Kay, Jim Salisbury, Steve Nadauld and Brent Hall. This management group has been together for more than 20 years and is still providing “hands on” leadership in the day to day activities of the RedCliff family – a fact that is almost unheard of in the therapeutic industry. Discovery Academy is an excellent option for teens transitioning from other types of treatment programs, such as wilderness therapy and or residential treatment.
For teens who are experiencing symptoms such as anger, sadness, depression, or defiance. Some students are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or learning disabilities and some have low self esteem or substance abuse problems. Discovery Academy specializes in working with families whose children have been expelled from public or private teen boarding schools. They also accept children who may struggle with behavioral or emotional problems.

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