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150 N State St

La Verkin, UT 84745


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Cross Creek Programs is an effective program for Junior High and High School students. The Program is located in scenic Southern Utah, surrounded by several national parks and lakes. The students in their program have an excellent potential for great things but are headed for some serious problems due to their choices at home. These are teens who are determined to do their “own thing” regardless of whom it hurts or how it may alter their future.
Parents often realize that something must be done to change their child’s present course. Emotional Growth and Behavior Modification in a controlled environment is essential. Without a controlled environment, the parents’ attempts to intervene are often thwarted by the influence of a negative peer group.
The program is well balanced by offering a structured daily schedule, character building, educational seminars, health and physical fitness programs, emotional growth and personal development courses, recreation, individualized academic instruction, group, individual and family therapy. Also provided are many opportunities for community service and competitive sports. At no time are the boys and girls together except for well supervised seminars and activities on upper levels.

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