Copper Canyon Academy

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Rimrock, AZ 86335


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Copper Canyon Academy helps families facing challenges and struggles that often seem insurmountable. Working with a teenage daughter who is increasingly out of control is one of the most painful experiences a parent can face. Copper Canyon understands that parents looking for help outside the home often feel uncertain, scared, and doubtful about the future but their trained counselors and staff are there to help.
Copper Canyon Academy girls’ boarding school is truly a trailhead to success for struggling teenage girls ages 11 to 17. Nestled in a scenic Central Arizona river valley, Copper Canyon Academy allows junior high and high school girls the opportunity to reach their full potential. Students focus on improvement and awareness in five areas: emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual. During their time at Copper Canyon Academy, students discover who they are and learn to share themselves with the people in their lives. Each student learns to confront the past and look forward to the future by following a proven trail to success.

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